2016 Convention Schedule

2016 Comic and Anime Convention Schedule for the sperels

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#SperelAwareness Fan Appreciation Giveaway

Free Plushie Promotional Graphic for 2015 #SperelAwareness Giveaway
Calling all sperel activists! The sperels are running a fan appreciation / sperel proliferation ‪‎giveaway‬ from now until November 29th! One lucky social media fan will win a free sperel plushie of their choice. All you gotta do to enter is:

1. Follow the sperels on any one of their social media channels;
2. and then Share/Repost/Reblog/Retweet the associated giveaway photo from that page.

And that’s it! This contest is taking place across our facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr accounts. To be entered to win, you only need to follow+repost on one of those sites, however you can earn additional entries for yourself and increase your chance of winning our virtual raffle by also doing any of the following:

– FOLLOW the sperels on more than one of their social media channels and
– then Share/Repost/Reblog/Retweet the contest there as well;
– TAG your friends to let them know about the contest!

Be sure to use the hashtag ‪#‎SperelAwareness‬ and/or ‪#‎SaveTheSperels‬ on your posts so that the sperels will notice all of your good efforts. A winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Sunday, November 29th, and their free sperel will be sent as soon as shipping details are discussed, so the prize should be received well before Christmas. Good luck, and may the sperels be with you!

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New Sperel Stickers

A fresh selection of new sperel stickers are now available in the online store. Ready, set, decorate!
New die cut stickers of the Distressed & Stubborn baby sperels

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Pre-Adoptions For Baby Sperels Are Now OPEN!

Since last July, The Joldabrun Foundation has been working tirelessly to shepherd the next flock of sperels out from the darkness of their cruel captivity, and we are quite excited to finally share the fruits of our recent success. Plushie flock #002 will consist of a tragically cute little group of baby sperels, marked by three distinctly differing personality types.
Cute Plush Sperel Babies - 3  Different PersonalitiesThey are expected to arrive in roughly a month, and between now and then you may pre-order these plushies at discounted adoption prices in the Sperel Adoption Center.

Injured Wing of Plushie Flock #002

To all who would adopt these sperels, please take special note of the tragic injuries that mark their wings. Through some unknown circumstance of their oppressive past, these sperels have all been scarred, not only physically, but psychologically as well. The miseries of the factory have left them with a strong tendency to wrap themselves up within their wings to shield themselves from a world that has only ever been unjust.

It is true that their physical injuries are permanent, but such scars needn’t prevent these young sperels from appreciating a new life now that they have escaped!

Cute little plush sperel, sad and aloneYou can help these sperels by adopting them and providing the kind of environment where they can forget their past while learning to open their wings once again and experience the joy of flight!

Plushie Cuteness! Two sperel plushies are so cute together!Cute Plushie Trio - The Sperel Plushies of Flock #002
Don’t forget: pre-adoption prices will only remain in effect from now until the day these sperels arrive, at which point all pre-adopted sperels will be shipped to their new homes with haste. You can adopt these sperels individually, or by twos or threes, and it is worth noting that adopting multiple baby sperels will reduce the cost of each sperel along with the cost of shipping per sperel.

And now, let us wait eagerly for April!

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Even The Young Are Being Oppressed

It is already known that most sperels, insofar as their current living conditions within the factory remain unchallenged and unchanged, will spend the entirety of their lives without ever experiencing the sky. From birth until death they are prisoners of the melmire industry, and so it is of no surprise that baby sperels are to be found in abundance dwelling throughout the cramped corridors of the harvesting factories. A baby sperel, sad and oppressed
Recent insight though has revealed a new degree of injustice forced upon the sperels, for even these little ones, at the youngest of ages, are denied the liberties normally associated with youth. As soon as a baby sperel is able to walk, they are put to task in the factory, usually in those mines which are too small and cramped to be easily accessed by the older and larger sperels. Because of the restricted accessibility of these caverns, the dangers therein are often unknown or unreported and accident rates are further compounded due to the innocent inexperience of the unfortunate baby sperels who get sent inside.

By this knowledge, our next steps have been determined, and though the species as a whole remains subjugated, we are happy to report that a large flock of baby sperels is positioned to obtain freedom from oppression quite soon! Yes, check back in a couple weeks for an update about – yes! – sperel plushie flock #002, to be released by summer of this year!

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Return To The Factory

For 2 years, our sperels have been projecting their story to the public through participation at various cultural conventions along the West Coast. These events have provided an excellent chain of opportunities to enhance the sperels’ freedom as a species while furthering awareness of their plight through the creation of a small but enthusiastic base of sperel activists. Despite the progress however, an unsettling concern pulls down upon the wings of our liberated sperels and those of us dedicated to their betterment.

If you’ve been tracking sperel activity for any length of time, you too may realize this unfortunate fact: ever since that initial large flock of fugitive sperels found its way to the Joldabrun Foundation, not a single other sperel has arrived since.

That there are still more sperels who remain enslaved is well understood. What is not so clear though are the specific mechanisms of oppression which keep these sperels subjugated.
Sacrificing rest for salvation, a sperel seeks to escape!
This is why throughout the remainder of 2014 a covert team of sperel activists will focus their efforts towards infiltrating the deepest depths of the melmire mines to shed light on the various barriers therein – both physical and psychological – which deter the advancement of sperel liberation. Upon identifying the adversities of the environment, we shall be better positioned to formulate new strategies in support of what has always been our core intent: to save more sperels!

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Summer Convention Schedule

Summer is officially here, and the sperels are getting more & more excited each day as they wait oh so patiently for their first big convention appearance of the season. To all of our California convention-attending fans, the sperels will be tabling in the Artist Alley at these upcoming events:

Anime Expo, July 4th – 7th at the L.A. Convention Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Stockton-Con, August 4th at the Stockton Arena (Stockton, CA)
Japan Expo, August 23rd – 25th at the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA)
SacAnime, Aug. 30th – Sept. 1st at the Sacramento Convention Center (Sacramento, CA)

(and perhaps we’ll have one or two additional West Coast shows to announce come Fall)

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Winter Fun Ahead

Announcing our next two conventions: AnimeiCon in Nov/Dec and SacAnime in January

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